Plus Size Maternity Bras.
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Plus Size Maternity Bras

When you first learn that you're going to have a baby, an important consideration is buying the right undergarments. You want to feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible. It is especially important that you purchase a good-fitting bra, since your breasts can become tender during your pregnancy. If you are a full-figured woman, finding the right bra can be a particular challenge. However, fortunately a number of lingerie designers are now catering to a plus-size clientele.

For exquisite style and sophistication, consider this French-style bra from Empreinte. This seamless underwire bra is embroidered for added elegance and can be paired with matching panties. Sizes extend to 48F, so chances are you will be able to wear this bra, even if you are plus-size.

plus size maternity bras. Another Empreinte favorite is this embroidered satin underwire bra. This full-cup bra comes in pearl, mocha, or black. It also comes in sizes up to 48F. However, be warned that this piece of lingerie is particularly pricey-it can cost up to $130. Still, if you're interested in the finest quality and style, this might be the right garment for you.

Big Girls' Bras

Big Girls' Bras is an online retailer catering to the plus-size market. The site has a full selection of maternity bras from you to choose from. Since the store specializes in full-figured lingerie, it can cater to the needs of the larger woman. It's the type of place you're likely to return to again and again throughout your pregnancy.

The Goddess Look

If you want to look and feel like a goddess, consider a Goddess maternity bra. The wide cushiony straps of this bra offer non-stretch support. They're also lightly padded and covered with soft cotton. The bra is also characterized by elastic adjustable straps in the back.

The cups are double-lined in order to provide added absorption. In addition, there is no binding along the seams, so the bra is completely comfortable. The bra can be easily worn after your baby is born and you begin breastfeeding. In fact, the nursing cups are printed with bold shapes in bright red and black in order to attract the attention of your baby. The bra comes in sizes up to 48 DDD.

The Best from Anita

Anita offers a plus-size bra that is specially made for heavier breasts. The bra consists of stretch cotton jacquard with embroidered inserts. The cups also have nursing clasps for easy opening and closing. The bra also features wide, padded straps with lateral reinforcement. It also provides great support for the shoulder and neck region. The bra is made of 35 percent cotton, 25 percent polyester, 20 percent nylon, 15 percent elastane, and 5 percent viscose.

Fancee Free

Another attractive option for the plus-size figure is the Fancee Free plus-size bra. This bra was actually featured in Pregnancy magazine in 2003. The under-cup reinforcement and side stays offer extra support. The bra also features wide padded straps for added comfort. After birth, the bra can be easily used for nursing thanks to its four-hook back closure and adjustable hook cup closure. The bra is made of 90 percent pima cotton and 10 percent lycra.
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