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Maternity Clothing Store

It used to be that maternity clothing stores were few and far between. You might find one at your local mall-but it was small and offered little in the way of true fashion. But times have changed, and so has the maternity wear market.

Today, you can find a number of maternity clothing stores with outlets on the Internet. This allows you to browse styles, colors, and prices-all from the comfort of your home. Whether you're petite or full-figured, you can find a maternity clothing store that offers you the comfort and style you deserve.

Mimi Maternity

Mimi Maternity is particularly known for its chic styles. In particular, Mimi Maternity offers formal wear that can make you the hit of any party. A case in point is its signature silk chiffon dress, a strapless silk knit and chiffon tube dress in blue with a chocolate satin sash. The dress is especially flattering, since the hem hits your leg right below the knee. This imported dress is dry clean only.

Another lovely option from Mimi Maternity is the embellished voile dress. This pastel voile dress features natural beading on the bodice and the hem for a particularly elegant look. This imported dress also hits right below the knee, so it is appropriate for any special occasion.

Trendy Style

If you'd like something especially trendy, consider a printed tiered skirt. Such a skirt can be particularly flattering as your stomach expands with your growing baby. A cabbage rose print with ethnic detail gives the skirt an other-worldly feel. This imported skirt also hits below the knee, so it is a modest alternative to leg-baring fashions.

Office Chic

If you're looking for a piece that is especially appropriate for the office, consider a textured stripe pant. The pant is full-length with a 32-inch inseam and features an all-around belly which can expand as you gain baby weight. This tonal pinstripe pant is 94 percent polyester and six percent spandex and is machine washable. It also features cuff detailing for fashion's sake.

Online Maternity Store

Thanks to the World Wide Web, a number of maternity stores offer fashions online. You can shop from a variety of different categories, including denim, sweaters, activewear, outerwear, dresses, special occasion, swimwear, intimate apparel, tops and tees, and casual shirts.

Online shopping is convenient, fast, and virtually stress-free. Many online maternity stores have attractive return policies, so you don't have to worry if you find that the item you ordered does not quite fit your growing proportions.

Motherhood Maternity Clothing Store

The Motherhood Maternity Clothing Store is a popular destination for many moms-to-be. The store offers a variety of fashions, including a knit blouse made of polyester and spandex that is a cinch to care for. But perhaps the best feature of this store is the array of pant styles it offers.

For instance, you can choose from fully belly coverage that is panel-free for a clean look; contemporary low-rise styling with an elastic panel that rests just below the belly; or pants with a comfortable wide elastic waistband that rests mid-belly.

Other options include pants with a full panel that sits over the belly, featuring an adjustable drawstring; pants with side zippers that you can unzip to reveal cotton/spandex side panels; and pants with an all-around panel that provides mid-belly coverage and is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy.
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